Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fly Fish TV on Vimeo - Streaming Fly Fishing Videos

            Many of the Fly Fish TV top selling videos are now available for streaming and downloading on the Vimeo platform.  The latest to be posted are “Spey FishingSteelhead” and “Advanced Spey” with John and Amy Hazel.  For about half the price of a DVD you can now stream them for life or download them, and for a third of the price you can watch them for a week.  

Just go and look for videos with trailers that have the streaming icons above them and the Vimeo logo over the trailer window.  You can also reach all the “On Demand” videos available at the Vimeo site by visiting the Cascade Media Works page.

Nearly all or our Kelly Galloup and DavyWotton titles are now posted and ready to be viewed on your device of choice.  Soon our complete collection of over thirty instructional fly fishing videos will be “On Demand”.  We have discovered that Vimeo is a great partner and we hope you will use the service.  They allow us to upload really good quality video and provide it to you at very reasonable rates.

Because of the dramatic change in the way videos are now being seen and distributed we haven’t recently created any new titles, but now that we have settled on a reliable system we hope to have a few new productions out soon.  I have been trying to get Kelly Galloup to work on a nymphing for steelhead production, which I think a lot of folks could use and enjoy.  So far no luck getting Kelly to buy in but I am sure if you’re interested and bug him through the Slide Inn website he might just do it. Davy Wotton, our other top-selling host, has expressed interest in making an advanced wet fly fishing title.  We are not sure if you want even deeper lessons on the subject than those demonstrated in his fantastic video “Wet Fly Ways”. If you do just let us know and if there is enough interest we will cut Davy loose for an even deeper look at this angling art he is the undisputed master of.  

Cascade Media Works, in order to keep the doors open, has made a couple of new videos this past year under its’ new label called AnglerFish Productions.  These are gear-fishing videos specific to the Northwest, and since the folks we used to make such videos for are no longer doing them we decided to do them ourselves.  Our most popular of these is “Bobber DogginBaits & Beads” with Josia Darr and Mike Kelly.  Even the DVDs have flown off the shelves this winter, along with steady streaming and downloading orders.  We hope this spring will be good for “KokaneeTrolling” with Gary Miralles, our first production under the AnglerFish label. 

If you happen to be a spey angler check out the trailers on the John & Amy Hazel videos.  Their “Introduction to Spey Casting” is considered a standard for those just getting started; it breaks down in detail the ten basic casts and provides great demonstrations on how to master them.  “Spey Fishing Steelhead” is hosted by John alone, and he shares with you the knowledge only a true pioneer of spey fishing in the United States can have.  In “Advanced Spey” the specifics of how to cast and configure shooting heads and Skagit belly fly lines are examined closely.  It also shows how these lines and the newer “Switch Rods” have changed the sport.

In any event I have made a resolution to do a better job of participating on social media this year (Visit us on Facebook & YouTube), and apologize for my lax performance on this matter in the past.   My partner in crime and life, Tucker, along with the master of all my web things, John, insist that I do so.  My clever plan, to avoid what I consider a lot of senseless blather, is to make a better effort at posting short instructional videos on fishing that somehow never made it into one of my productions.  I know I have some great tips and techniques that you might find useful.  I am as well going to start releasing more episodes of Fly Fish TV, mostly so you see how some of my talented hosts have aged.

Regards, Gene Hering
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